Friday, March 28, 2008

John Hagee, Anyone?

Here’s my question: Why does Barack Obama get so much crap for being associated with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and John McCain gets absolutely no grief whatsoever for actively seeking out the approval of Rev. John Hagee?

Here we have the leader of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), which actively calls for an end to any peace agreement in Israel-Palestine, because to support the so-called Biblical Mandate for Israel (basically, the secession of all Palestinian land to the original borders of ancient Israel) is a “moral mandate for all Christians.” (see

Rev. John Hagee has repeatedly denied the very existence of Palestinians as people:

"God gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob a covenant in the Book of Genesis for the land of Israel that is eternal and unbreakable, and that covenant is still intact. The Palestinian people have never owned the land of Israel, never existed as an autonomous society. There is no Palestinian language. There is no Palestinian currency. And to say that Palestinians have a right to that land historically is an historical fraud." (from

This is interesting, since there are Palestinian Christians who have been living in the land for generations, and, I imagine, would be surprised to learn that they have no right to their land, and, in fact, no culture at all. From one Christian to another, Hagee denounces any plan to give up ANY land from Israel.

This is not because he has a sincere love for Jewish people. Jews simply have a part to play in the sick end-times scenario peddled by Left Behind creator Tim LaHaye and others. For Jesus to come back again, Israel needs to expand, and the Temple needs to be rebuilt in Jerusalem. That’s all there is to it.

And perhaps the saddest thing of all: Hagee and his ilk have been so incredibly effective in their message, that if anyone questions their motives – or even considers the experience and plight of Palestinians themselves – they are often times labeled anti-Semitic.

So, you have Rev. Wright, who questions Israel’s treatment of their occupied people behind their separation barrier – he’s “racist,” and a “demagogue.” Then you have Hagee, who waves away any effort at peace in the Middle East like an annoying gnat. He’s not even heard of. Just another Bible-believing Christian.

Obama must deny, distance, and denounce himself from Wright (even so, that won’t stop FOX News’ Sean Hannity from calling him racist and anti-Semitic without a shred of evidence, treating his own fantastic conjectures as carved-in-stone fact).

McCain, however, can court Hagee all he wants. Even though he’s recently tried to distance himself, this still gets absolutely no coverage in the media. We'll be watching five-second clips of Jeremiah Wright every chance we get.



At 9:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said. good rant.

At 9:56 AM , Anonymous Psyche said...

Good words.


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